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Welcome! Listen to some of the voices of fellow female Veterans (having experienced a retreat).

Here's what they would like to tell you in considering a Rooted Within Retreat!

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How to apply

Please note: Applications are currently paused.

Please fill in the contact form, or email us, and we will notify you as soon as they resume.


First, orient yourself to this website to see if a Rooted Within retreat is a good fit for you at this time!

Then, complete the online application. There is an application form for yourself, and one to be submitted by your Vet Center counselor. You can download the information packet here as a PDF.

Retreat Information Packet PDF

Veteran Application
VC Counselor Application

Who is eligible?

The 2019-20 retreats are open to women veterans who were deployed during OEF/OIF, and who are actively engaged in their re-integration into civilian life.


It is important that each woman have at least a basic understanding of the issue she wants to address during the retreat and has support to help her transfer the learning from the retreat to her home life. Therefore it is required that applicants be currently engaged in counseling or therapy, preferably at a Vet Center, for at least three sessions during the past six months. Applicants may have a private or VA therapist but must do a one-session intake at a Vet Center to be eligible.


Applicants must have already addressed sobriety issues, and need to be clean and sober for at least one month prior to the retreat. Personal motivation and the ability to work on personal issues in a group setting are also addressed in the screening process.

Veteran Application

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VA Counselor Application

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Medical Form

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Contact Form

Rooted Within

Recovery & Renewal Retreats for Veterans

326 Pearl St, Fort Collins CO 80521

Tiffany Higgins, Director

970 556 8187

You are welcome to contact us directly above, 

or submit your details here.

Thanks for submitting!

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