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Retreat Structure

Bringing Female Veterans together for renewal and recovery.

Rooted Within Retreats follow a gradual progression of connection;  offering skills in communication, stress management, and

self-awareness that allow for meaningful relationships and support

to form between participants. 

Our programming has been informed by research and feedback from

participants/ alumni of these retreats over the past decade.

“I learned that I am not alone.
There is a network of wonderful female veterans across the country willing to support me.”

Large Group Workshops

Our program size of 24 female veterans fosters a sense of community through workshops, mealtime, and other activities.

Yoga and meditation are offered each morning, and the practice of mindful awareness is integrated throughout the retreat. Self-regulation tools are taught using a model that includes breath, somatic (body) awareness, and cognitive (thinking) awareness. Personal skills are able to be tested, practiced, and reinforced through the use of Biofeedback. In addition, there are structured and open times for large group discussions, movement, play and laughter.

“I loved meditation.

My mind races all the time and now

it is finally settling." ~ Participant


“I would encourage other women vets to go.

How they can find inward peace,

even a small one, is a door opener.”   ~ Participant

Small Group Time

The full group is composed of smaller groups of eight women with two facilitators who are consistent throughout the retreat. This provides individualized attention and guidance, as well as facilitates additional healing interpersonal connections. 

These smaller groups allow participants to practice and build confidence in self-awareness, self-expression, and interpersonal skills while gaining and offering mutual support for re-integration issues and recovery from traumatic and stressful experiences.


“I learned that I can do anything if

I do not focus on stress or the end result;

reaching the top of the tower by taking it

one step at a time.”   ~ Participant

Nature and The Outdoors

Weather permitting, most daytime activities, including discussions, take place outdoors.


This can include experiential games and activities, group discussions, reflection, journal writing, art, low ropes course, high ropes course and/or climbing wall, and short hikes.


All activities can be adapted for women of different mobility and/or physical abilities.

Renewal and Recovery:


“I learned to trust myself

and to feel that I matter.

I learned a lot of practical tools

and resources to deal with PTSD.”


“I learned how to appreciate, and love myself. How to connect with others.

How to manage my stress, my breathing, and how to orient myself.”



“I learned to value myself and my needs and work on being confident with my strengths and the determination

of who I want to be.  


All the exercises/ activities helped to instill this mind frame. 

They drove out the doubt by showing

I am worthy of the support that

was being offered.”

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