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Renewal and Recovery Retreats for Female Veterans


Rooted Within serves female veterans who are committed

to their full recovery from stressful and/or traumatic experiences. 

Our programs are nourishing, educational, healing, and provide a peaceful and supportive

natural environment for women veterans to learn tools for holistic recovery

from PTSD, MST, and chronic stress. 


Reintegration and a feeling of wholeness happen alongside others with similar military experiences,

re-orienting towards a fulfilling life of ease and satisfaction. 


We have a history dedicated to female veterans

Rooted Within (previously known as CenterPoint Retreats) offers multi-day retreat-style programs,

based on a model of experiential, body-centred, trauma-informed, mindfulness, and relational healing.

Since 2011, this program has served over 400 women veterans, with the majority reporting

statistically significant and personally impactful increases in general well-being,

and a reduction in PTSD and stress symptoms as a result of participation in a retreat.


These retreats were previously funded by the DOVA and were entirely free of charge for eligible veterans.

We Believe

group agreements (1).jpg
group agreements.jpg

...Rooted Within each person is a

natural, innate capacity

to heal and find balance.


...Female Veterans are inherently strong, compassionate, resourceful, and capable of full recovery from

stressful or traumatic experiences.


...In the same way that a stressful and traumatic experience can have a lasting impact on one’s life,

a deeply positive experience

of safety, connection, and nourishment

can also have a lifelong impact. 


Upcoming Retreats

Rooted Within (RW)’s Renewal and Recovery Retreat, October 23-27, 2024,

is a four night/five day in-person retreat that takes place in the state of Georgia!


We are thrilled that you are interested in joining us as you continue your journey towards greater health, connection, and wholeness. We are accepting applications for a limited number of alumnae from each Military Service Academy (MSA). The community retreat experience for up to 24 women survivors of sexual assault creates connections for participants to find common ground, mutual understanding and renewal in healing. 

In the Words of Veterans
on Rooted Within Retreats:

“I am not alone. I am valuable.
There are methods I can do when I get triggered. I have feelings of belonging.”

"I learned what love and support looks
and feels like, how to be in control of myself even when life feels out of control.
I learned that I matter. 
What’s inside of me is beautiful and strong. I got this! I got me!" 

“I learned that I can be stable
when my environment may not be.”

“I learned to be vulnerable,

to open my heart, to enjoy having fun...

I wish I’d known about this kind of immersive therapy back in 2008 when

I returned from Iraq. If I had I would not have spent years re-living trauma and in depression.”

“I found my voice again and

I learned to set my boundaries again.”

“I learned my Self is enough.

That what was taken from me was nothing but an attempt of control. I am strong enough.

I can save myself. I am enough.” 


Recovery & Renewal Retreats for Veterans
326 Pearl St, Fort Collins CO 80521
Tiffany Higgins, Director
970 556 8187

You are welcome to contact us directly above, or through leaving us a message here.

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